Treatment for Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

Active lifestyles are an essential component of lifelong health. Unfortunately, they can also lead to pain and injury. Because they are your foundation and responsible for supporting your full weight (not to mention providing the power and nimbleness necessary to jump, run, and change directions), your feet and ankles are particularly vulnerable to athletic injuries. That’s not to discourage from playing, of course. That’s just fact.

Of course, there are plenty of strategies you can employ to reduce the risk of injury. These include, but are no means limited to, regular stretching, starting slowly with new activities, wearing proper equipment, and cross-training in different kinds of activities so you don’t overuse any one particular muscle or joint. However, sometimes you just get unlucky, and all of a sudden, you’re dealing with a bad sprain, fracture, sore heel, shin pain, or other injury.

In those cases, pursuing professional treatment as quickly as possible is always a smart decision. We know you’re not necessarily eager to shut it down for a few weeks or months while your body heals, and might be tempted to “play through the pain.” But when you make that choice, you’re taking a big gamble with your long-term health—and one that rarely pays out. Avoiding treatment will only increase the risk of your “minor” injury becoming a major and chronic one. On top of that, if you don’t allow an injury to heal fully and correctly, you could be dealing with reduced stability and mobility and post-traumatic arthritis for a long time afterward.

Trust us: we know why you play, and we’re as anxious to get you back on the field as you are. We work hard to make sure you receive the highest quality care and comprehensive treatment options, so that you can return quickly and safely to full activity—and you aren’t dealing with linger pain for weeks, months, or even years later! To schedule an appointment with us in Salt Lake City, please call (801) 269-9939. We are in the East Medical Building at St. Mark’s Hospital.

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