Signs and Symptoms of Midfoot Injuries

If you’ve ever heard anyone make reference to birth order and personality typing, or perhaps you are familiar with this theory, you can thank Dr. Alfred Adler. (Well, you can’t actually thank him – he passed away in 1937.) Dr. Adler was an Austrian psychotherapist who sought to answer, “Why do children raised in the same family exhibit such different personalities?” His take was that birth order is responsible.

Now, his views that eldest children would be more likely to end up in jail or an asylum, while the youngest would have poor social empathy, were probably biased by the fact he was a middle child!

Much like middle children, the midfoot is sandwiched between other components. In this case, it sits between the forefoot and hindfoot. Your midfoot contains an essential section known as the Lisfranc joint complex, which is formed by ligaments and bones connecting your midfoot to the forefoot. As with any other part of your body, the midfoot is susceptible to injury during sports and physical activities. In this case, the injuries can include sprains, fractures, and dislocations.

It is important that you come in for a proper diagnosis, and effective treatment plan, but all three of these midfoot injuries share the same symptoms:

  1. Swelling and pain in the top of your foot.
  2. Bruising in the top and bottom of the affected foot, with bruising on the underside being particularly indicative of a Lisfranc injury.
  3. Pain that worsens either while walking or standing. In some cases, the pain is severe to the point crutches are needed.

In the event you develop any of these midfoot injury symptoms, you should begin with using RICE therapy to control the swelling and pain until you are able to come see us for professional diagnosis and treatment.

When you are ready to find the relief you need, call Anderson Foot and Ankle at (801) 269-9939 and have our staff help you schedule a visit with our Salt Lake City office. You can also take advantage of our online form to contact us today!

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