Beyond Foot Pain: 5 Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Your feet serve as your body’s foundation for support and mobility. However, they can’t do their jobs if they’re unable to maintain proper alignment due to damage or deformity.

Custom orthotics can help offset physical problems like high arches or flat feet by providing the exact type of support your feet need to maintain proper alignment. While custom orthotics can relieve foot pain, they can also offset the problems caused by your unique condition and prevent existing conditions from becoming worse. 

Mikol Anderson, DPM, and our team at Anderson Foot & Ankle Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah,  provide expert fittings for custom orthotics. We use state-of-the-art computer diagnostics to analyze the biomechanics of your feet and determine the source of your problems. We ensure that your custom orthotics fit appropriately and provide the type of support your feet need.

Read on to learn about five benefits of custom orthotics that go beyond relieving foot pain.

1. Keep lower extremities aligned

So much of your daily balance and movement depends on your feet. When you walk or stand, your feet bear the entire weight of your musculoskeletal structure. Since your feet serve as the foundation of your body, foot problems can throw your whole body out of alignment.

Your feet serve as ground zero for the movement of your lower extremities. Your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back engage with your feet to keep you upright and moving. This is why a relatively small problem in your feet can throw the biomechanics of your lower extremities out of alignment.

Custom orthotics can ensure your body has the proper foundation by correcting an existing imbalance or deformity. This can help you avoid injuries and allow the rest of your body to function optimally.

2. Boost athletic performance

Problems with foot alignment can affect your performance in athletic pursuits like running, tennis, basketball, and ice skating that depend on proper foot movement.

When examining your feet for custom orthotics, we evaluate how these activities affect them so we can provide the type of support you need to participate in your chosen activity safely. The result protects your feet and the rest of your body from experiencing falls due to imbalance. 

A custom orthotic can also absorb shock, improve comfort, and prevent fatigue. The combination of these benefits can even boost your performance and reduce sports injuries

3. Prevent foot fatigue

Custom orthotics can help prevent foot fatigue, a condition that occurs after standing or walking for long periods without rest. While foot fatigue can occur in a work environment, you can also experience foot fatigue by running or participating in other activities. Symptoms can include swelling, pain, and cramps in your feet.

When your feet are affected by flat feet or other problems, it can require more energy to walk or stand and make you more susceptible to foot fatigue. Custom orthotics provide the critical support necessary to help keep your feet and the rest of your body from becoming overstressed or tired from this condition. 

4. Correct an improper gait

Custom orthotics can also correct an improper gait, or way of walking. For example, if your feet turn inward, your ankles collapse inward and put extra weight on the inner arch of your foot. This condition is called overpronation. The effect can cause arch pain and reverberate up through the major joints in your legs, and even put your back out of alignment. 

A similar effect can occur if you have supination, or underpronation, a condition in which your ankles lean outward and you put extra stress on the exterior side of your foot when walking or running.

A correction in your alignment with custom orthotics can change the way you walk into a more balanced gait. The effect can also prevent you from wearing down your shoes irregularly.

5. Prevent future problems

If you have physical conditions that affect your feet or pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, you can avoid future foot problems with custom orthotics. Problems with circulation, nerve damage, and foot deformities can be improved with the right appliances.

Since custom orthotics are made to fit the contours of your feet, they can provide relief in areas where too much pressure threatens skin breakdown. By accommodating and stabilizing deformities, custom orthotics can prevent your problems from becoming worse over time. With a stabilized foot, you have less risk of inflammation, pain, and instability.

To find out more about how custom orthotics can improve the way your feet move and function, schedule an appointment online or call our office today.

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